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The Organization Development Network is an international professional association of organization development practitioners. Our members come from all 50 states of the USA, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and around the world.

OD Network San Diego
Organization Development Network of San Diego promotes professionalism through open exchange and collaboration, and enhances knowledge of organization development theory and application by providing quality programs to a diverse membership.

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ASQ is the world's leading membership organization devoted to quality. We have the knowledge, tools, expertise and resources to inspire you and your organization.
The Pop!Tech network works because it is so eclectic – it includes visionaries from many disciplines, as well as corporate leaders and entrepreneurs, global participants, educators and even students. It’s not merely a community of elites – but an open and grounded dialog between people on both the giving and receiving end of change.
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Often quoted and quickly forgotten
words of wisdom

"No? It is just a longer path to getting what you need"

B. Fake

"Good or bad many of us were raised on the fairy tale that our prince or princess will come to save us and live happily ever after. Well, the truth is they are not coming in fact they stopped off at pub in forest. The only ones coming to help us is us.The good news, my sense is the right people are here today to do just that!"

B. Fake after advising a team that the boss left the decision and work up to them

"It's time, Miller Time"

B. Fake just before it is time to take a break from the discussion and/or work. Too bad it is usually during the day and no beer is allowed.

"Ah, looks like it is time for his/her meds!"

B. Fake just after a cell phone interupts the discussion or meeting.

"The answer is No, unless you ask."

This actually belongs to my friend and colleague V. Poels..thanks, we use it all the time to encourage people to ask for what they want and or need.


"My favorite four letter words strung together are free beer wine and food."

B. Fake

Upon accepting offers for lunch or dinner.